Mulvaney's Cough



Supporters and staff seem to anger Trump oft.

The latest Mulvaney whose crime was he  coughed.

Not the sound, I believe,

Made Trump tell him to leave,

But the germs that he sprayed all around and aloft.





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  • From clips from the TV reports, he has something in common with Howie Mandel, except Howie can't legally run for president.

    I would be more concerned that he is starting a war with Iran and doesn't have a Defense Secretary.

    Speaking of good riddens, maybe you could talk to the powers that be at Chicago Now about getting rid of the advertisement for an Alzheimer's patient that is between your post and the comment board.

  • Cleverly put -- I was thinking he was bothered by the noise myself.
    (By the way, Jack, the ads seem to change -- I don't see anything of the type you meant where you mentioned it.)

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