Enough pussyfooting, Nancy. Impeach the Criminal in the White House!


If Democrats are too craven to impeach Trump for his crimes, no future president will ever need to respect the law



After Trump was elected the Democrats lacked

Any power to have an effective impact.

But now without doubt

They have enough clout

And could impeach Trump if they only would act.

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  • I am torn on this. I agree with you that there is more than enough evidence to impeach Trump. But we also know that the Republican Senate is unlikely to convict him. After the House of Representatives impeached Bill Clinton, he gained in popularity when the Senate refused to convict. Would a failed impeachment effort hurt Donald Trump's reelection effort? Or would it be taken by some a proof that Donald Trump has done nothing wrong?

  • I sort of agree with jnorto on this, in that Pelosi agrees that the political cost is too high if the Senate won't convict, and they need something like 19 Republican senators to agree to do so, which would probably require proof of something exceeding treason.

    Notwithstanding that there are plenty of legal grounds for doing so, starting with being a conspirator with Michael Cohen, to Muller saying in effect that obstruction was now in Congress's court, to current stonewalling that would put Halderman and Ehrlichman to shame (reportedly there are about 60 information requests the administration has rejected, but I am still waiting for the entire House to hold Billy Barr in contempt, which should be a first step).

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