Today in History: April 19




478 years after she died

Joan of Arc

Was beatified.*

*The last step before officially becoming a saint in the Roman Catholic Church.  The beatification of Joan, whose name in French was Jeanne D'Arc took place at St.Peter's Cathedral in Rome and Pope Pius X conducted the ceremony.  Joan of Arc rose from poverty to military fame when she led France to victory over England in the Hundred Years' War. This victory at Orleans gave her the nickname "The Maid of Orleans".  A year later at the age of 19 Joan was captured by the English and burned at the stake for supposedly being a heretic.  The tragic conflagration in Notre Dame Cathedral would have broken her heart. Below is her statue inside that magnificent structure.






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  • So maybe my sense of humor's still out of tune, but does this mean that Jeanne d'Arc will be Joan in the Dark for a while, during restorations? Just a bilingual Protestant wondering....

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