Today in History: March 20



In 1930

Colonel Sanders began

His restaurant, now KFC,*

And  remains its most famous pitchman.

*Kentucky Fried Chicken's first franchise opened in Utah in 1952.


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  • Driving north on I-75, there's a big sign at the north exit for Corbin, Ky, but I didn't stop because I can get it more nearby.

    However, the credit or blame for KFC as it is today goes to Dave Thomas, who took several failing franchises and turned them into drive throughs, then sold them back and used the money to start Wendy's. Then he decreed that his successors were not allowed to make a characture out of him. Before then, I remember Kentucky Fried Chicken in a restaurant where the wait staff tried pushing shrimp cocktails and the like.

  • In reply to jack:

    Thomas used his daughter's image instead. BTW, I've given up on KFC. The chicken no longer seems like its chicken, if that makes any sense. Whatever that delicious original recipe was, it can't compensate for a poor product.

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