Today in History: February 10


In 1535

12 Anabaptists in the nude

Ran down the streets of Amsterdam

And quite a fuss ensued.*


* ‘The next day the city officials had them massacred. They were, without exception all killed. Their hearts were cut out of their bodies in the middle of Dam square, their bodies were quartered and hung. Their heads were stuck on poles and placed at the entries to the city gates."    [Juliet Kilpin]




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  • But what exactly did the Dutch do? And what did the Poles do with the extra head?

  • As to the first question, the gloss spells it out. As to the second, of coarse, I pass.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    It was sarcasm.

  • It was understated so well, that I didn't recognize it. All's cool, my friend.

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