Trump's bait and switch financing of the border wall



President Trump demands his wall

Or whatever else you call it.

To build it, Mexico will pay

With money from our wallet.

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  • Isn't that how he financed his business now in the hands of Dumb Donald Jr.?

    On the other hand, prior to the 16th Amendment, the federal government was financed primarily by tariffs. Maybe he's going back to the 19th Century.

  • Of course, you jest. Trump is tone deaf about history. He can't remember what happened a month ago, let alone an event in 1909.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    I wasn't commenting on his cognition or lack thereof, nor where he got his "tax policy," but that the combined effect of the tax and tariff policies is either they work as purported and we go back to 1789, finance wise, or there isn't any money to pay for the wall or anything else. Of course, it's clear that nobody currently in government has any problem with federal deficits, while I have no knowledge whether the Bank of the United States could print money to paper over the deficit before Andrew Jackson abolished it.

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