A common sense way of imbibing wine


"How to Fix Smelly Wine With a Penny

  1. First, find a penny. Clean it up by rinsing it off and polishing off any grime.
  2. Pour yourself a glass of wine.
  3. Drop in the clean penny and swirl it around in the glass.
  4. Remove the penny. You don't want to accidentally swallow it!
  5. Now, inhale the improved aroma and drink the wine.
  6. Drink more wine. You're so clever, you've earned it."    [thoughtco.com]


There are many a lady and gent

Who drink wine at a meal or event

Red, white, sweet or dry,

Perhaps they should try

A good change in the wine for a scent.



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  • 1. That isn't how QVC said last night how to do it.
    2. I don't have to go to that effort to clean a penny. Enough stay in my pants pocket that they come out nice and clean out of the washing machine.

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