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All Trump wants for Christmas is a border wall

  The following should be sung to the tune of “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth”.   All  Trump wants for Christmas Is a border wall. A border wall. Just a border wall. Gee, if Trump could only have A border wall Then he could wish you Merry Christmas!   It... Read more »

No president should be above the law. Indict Trump.

  ” Some people claim that, even if Rosenstein gives Mueller permission to indict Trump as DOJ rules allow, the Constitution forbids such indictment. No! Nothing in its text, structure, or history supports that ‘POTUS-is- above-the-law’ view, nor does any SCOTUS precedent support it.”   Laurence Tribe, Constitution scholar   The DOJ says that Trump can’t... Read more »

On the naming of exoplanets

  “Using a combination of space-based and ground-based telescopes, scientists have revealed more than 100 new exoplanets. The discovery may prove useful for the search for life elsewhere in the universe” []   As sightings of them exponentially grow, There’s little about exoplanets I know. But if I were able The next one to label,... Read more »

Christmas rapping.

  O!  The money…how shopping I too freely spent it. When I balance my checkbook, I know I’ll repent it. Each Christmas I face it, If I could, I’d replace it, But merchants and businesses would re-invent it.    

A common sense way of imbibing wine

“How to Fix Smelly Wine With a Penny First, find a penny. Clean it up by rinsing it off and polishing off any grime. Pour yourself a glass of wine. Drop in the clean penny and swirl it around in the glass. Remove the penny. You don’t want to accidentally swallow it! Now, inhale the... Read more »

Where are the pianos of yesteryear?

    “They[sales of pianos]have been decreasing for decades. In 1900, when Americans numbered about 76 million, some 171,000 pianos were sold so you would find one in every 178 homes (figuring 2.5 people in a household). Sales mushroomed by 1909, and one of every 99 households boasted a piano. That was the height of... Read more »

The Last Word: A very Jewish quiz

    I love books of quotations.  One of my favorites is Leo Rosten’s “Treasury of Jewish Quotations”.  Many of the quotations therein are short  but packed with wisdom. Can you supply the last word of twenty of these pearls of wisdom below?   The answers are under the rabbi, of course. 1. Any man surrounded... Read more »