Will Trump be able to eschew his guilt?

Omarosa Claims She Saw Trump Chewing Up Paper In The Oval Office

MSNBC headline




Omarosa says Trump ate a criminal note;

A proof of wrongdoing about which  he wrote.

Can this be why Trump

Is remarkably plump

And can't easily button his jacket or coat?

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  • He has to get his fiber, and his usual response to the headline is gesundheit.

    Also, it is interesting or ironic that she is using the term that certain Breitbart trolls tried to repeat.

  • Somehow, I don't recall having been taught that Sally Hemmings had a recording of when James Madison, as Secretary of State, fired her from the inner circle of the Jefferson Administration.

  • It's a possibility. But it's also a possibility that she's picked up a few techniques from the boss about selling things.

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