Reflections on Trump's hold on his base


NBC/WSJ poll: Trump approval 'remarkably stable' after a stormy week of bad news


A fact that opponents of Trump have to face

Is the very alarming support of his base.

Perhaps he is right

He could kill in plain sight

And somehow the wheels of justice outpace.


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  • Nobody escapes justice unless we have another Gerald Ford and President Pence pardons him. Even so, civil suits and the NY AG will hound him.

    But the real question you raise is the base. As I noted on From The Recesses, what justification does such members of the base as 1/16th and boy have for a psychotic in the White House who is subject to and admits to paying blackmail, and now is implicated in felonies? But that group follows der orange fuhrer.

  • Suddenly my mind is stuck: I'm trying to imagine him agreeing to a jury of his peers -- would he admit to having any peers?

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    One doesn't get to agree. There are only so many peremptory challenges.

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