Sean Hannity and the Republican clown car.




I'm not a journalist, Hannity grants.

I'm the kind of a person who does song and dance.

I amuse in my way

With the lies that I say;

I'm the clown with a spritzer who wears baggy pants.



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  • Again, Krusty takes severe offense. He'll send Itchy to cut off your head.
    Yesterday's lead in to ABC World News was "President stands by his fixer." I wonder if that was ever said before in American history. Maybe during the Harding administration.

  • In reply to jack:

    Frankly, I don't blame Krusty. It was a cheap shot.

  • Hannity is a con and a clown.

  • In reply to Kathy Mathews:

    A perfect shadow chief of staff for the Chief Con-Clown.

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