Sex and silence in the Oval Office



Trump has slept with an ecdysiast

Who occasionally leads a porn cast.

A signed non-disclosure

Does not make it kosher,

And his White House staff should be half-mast.




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  • Anthony Weiners' wiener was Kosher or Zabitha Hallal, but at least he resigned. I wonder what Jared's rabbi has to say about his father in law's Mini Dog.

    But I just left my substantive response on From the Recesses. It deals with someone in the WH paying blackmail. That's the essential issue.

    On yesterday's topic, I finally got the washer I wanted, which was nether the Korean one nor the one the ignorant salesperson said I had to buy. I made sure to ask for a knowledgeable sales person today and got one.

  • How can I keep wanting you to run out of material when you send even me to the dictionary? Thank you.

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