Raising tariffs, Rising prices



My clothes were made in China

And my dishes and my drier.

Why is  Trump  imposing tariffs

When the prices will go higher?

It's what is called a trade war

In which neither side does win.

Trump wants to punish China

But we'll take it on the chin.


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  • I'll make a comment similar to the ones I made a couple of times previously, whether the process was properly followed. Notwithstanding that Tuesday I bought a cheapy radio at Best Buy made in China, there have been complaints for 20 years that China has been ripping off U.S. intellectual property. Maybe this will finally get some action out of China, but that's about as likely as not getting Putin to stop poisoning former diplomats.

    Also, this doesn't seem to affect my purchase a couple of weeks ago of an expensive Electrolux washer made in Italy and drier made in Poland (where most IKEA goods are made). It replaced a more suitable Frigidaire by Electrolux set made in Georgia.

  • In reply to jack:

    Delete the "not."

  • Proving again that there are 2 sides to everything, the Dow just went down 725 on this news,but on the other hand, I won't get the big capital gains tax bill as I did for 2017.

  • He's so fixated on the stock market instead of the prices of ordinary things that maybe, just maybe, the roiling market will get his attention better than the supermarket.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    This reminds me that Bush 41 supposedly didn't know what a checkout stand was. On the other hand, most food in an Asian food market is domestic, while most of his and Ivanka's luxury clothing lines were imported from China. Maybe he was willing to let the business supposedly not under his control take a slight hit.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Back to the supermarket, reports that China is contemplating slapping a tariff on pork. I guess they are willing to sacrifice.

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