A vote today protects tomorrow



In a primary voters are often a few;

Many think there are things that are better to do.

But voting's the key

In our land of the free,

So vote like the nation depends upon you.




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  • Nope, a vote a couple of weeks ago protects what's left of sanity today.
    BTW, it was reported yesterday that early voting was at an all time high.

  • It was an honor and a privilege to vote today!
    Turnout was good so far in Oak Park.

  • I'm proud to say I've voted today. (And I've rhymed, too.)

  • But seeing how the results turned out, it certainly didn't offer much hope for November. All that's left in the governor's race is who can buy the office better. Berros getting the heave seems to be the only place where the newspapers had influence, and I think Raila has a point that there should be a federal investigation about the way the challenges and the "a vote for her won't count" handouts were handled.

    The other thing I found interesting in my CD is that a candidate who would NOT put on his literature that he was running in the Republican primary, and had literature saying that one opponent was a 7 time loser, lost to the 7 time loser, and came in third out of three.

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