Trump's address at CPAC goes awry, bald spot and all



Whenever the president goes off the script,

Off message, and both teleprompters has skipped,

He rambles and rants

By the seat of his pants,

And sounds very much like his gears have  been slipped.


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  • I think I'd get less worried if he didn't seem to be saying the same words every time I see him on TV.

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    And yet he continues to get things done and drive Democrats out of what little minds they have left.

  • In reply to Frank Mazur:

    Like what has he really done, other than get a tax cut for his buddies and all of his associates and himself investigated? Please elaborate, using verifiable sources other than Breitbart and Zero Hedge.

    And, of course, the "what little minds" is just projection. Steve Bannon found out about that.

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