The White House: The National employment agency for temps



The White House of Trump's like a revolving door.

The turnover's  heavy, and there will be more.

The changes in casting

Could be everlasting,

Until Mr. Trump's on the cutting room floor.


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  • Oh this is splendid!

  • An employment agency is an association which matches bosses to representatives Top Assignment Writing Services UK in every single created nation, there is a freely subsidized work office and different private organizations which go about as business offices.

  • In reply to Christinajohn:

    Spam is more than a pork product liked in Hawaii.

  • While I took another track on HHH's post on this point, one thing I find as strange is that after Giuliani and Christie stuck their necks out for the candidate of the alt-right, they didn't want federal jobs.

  • In reply to jack:

    Didn't Giuliani seek to head the State Department?

  • Googling that has various "Report:" and "Sources," but Huff Post said he withdrew from consideration rather early.

    That seemed to be the time when Trump was rewarding his few political supporters, but only Bannon took the bait. As the Huff Post implied, he quickly turned to the plutocrats.

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