Mitt Romney sells out to Trump





Mitt Romney, about you I care not a whit

For accepting Trump's nod in the Senate to sit.

Once you called him a phony,

But that was baloney.

The high ground you stand on's a pile of sh_t.


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  • The official term is "haufen mist."

    Seems like, as in the cases of Cruz and Rubio, the best thing for a neocon to do is roll over after the thug in chief insults one.

  • Don't hold back, my friend! But the last I looked, didn't he still need to be elected?

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    But that basically gets down to the chances of a Dem. in Utah, and whether a Roy Moore or Sheriff Joe Arpaio emerges to take Trump's endorsement. However, similar to Trump not refusing the endorsement of the KKK, Mitt accepting this endorsement speaks about Mitt's "integrity," which was the point AW was trying to make.

    This could be distinguished from the Bushes not having anything to do with Trump, but they aren't running for anything, which shows that Mitt prefers politics over principles.

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