Mike Pence at the Winter Olympics


Vice-President Pence is attending the Games

Where he may have a hard time pronouncing the names.

His significant other,

He calls her his mother,

Is there so he won't dine alone with the dames.


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  • Especially since the very hot and even more insane Kim Yo Jong is in the South.

    I suppose that if Mother really wanted to eat kimchi, she could get a gallon jar of it somewhere in Niles or Glenview.

  • Why does Pence often look as if he has a cramp in his anal sphincter muscle?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Trying to keep the kimchi in the intestine will do that, although I have more problems with the Taco Bell next door.
    BTW, my mother said to stay away from Lebanese restaurants because of the hot sauce, but I said that the Israeli one here has s'hug, too, and don't ask for it. She just moved to Cincinnati and I said she had to have the Skyline Chili, and she said no thanks, despite that her grandson recommends it highly.

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