Fox News: Trump's megaphone



All the commentators on Fox News

Are committed to echo Trump's views.

From morning to night

They purvey Trump is right

Notwithstanding his lies and miscues.



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  • A couple of years ago it was mostly neocon,but, like most neocons, has capitulated.
    However,I don't know if effectively CNN is any different, with banners of REPORT; TRUMP---- or TRUMP TWEETS---, even if the talking heads over it are naysaying.
    The problem seems to be, like the Food Network getting rid of recipes and only having timed cooking competitions, is that the "news" networks have given up on news.

  • I understand perhaps your Trump fatigue, but, like it or not, he is the president and whatever he says or does is the news.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Then, so is what Fox News transmits. It isn't Trump fatigue per se, but my quarreling with an "editorial judgment" that anything a psycho tweets is news. Especially, since I said 2 days and 20 hours ago that he was going to turn the blame toward the FBI, and sure enough yesterday he did.

    It's unfortunate I have to say this, but Fox News (or at least its banners) became more reasonable once the subject changed to school shootings.

    Again, I'll go back to the Food Network aping Gordon Ramsey. The only thing that teaches me is that I never want to go into a kitchen in a restaurant. Given my latest episode that some automaton human behind the cash register at Culver's last night punched in COD instead of WALLEYE, and for once I sent it back (and without offering the $1.25 differential in price), maybe that's a good idea.

    But, to get back to my main point, it's editorial judgment, which seems generally tainted in modern media.It seems, for instance, that Fox News got a boost by getting Laura Ingraham castigated on every sports talk radio station. Only bad publicity is no publicity.

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