How Trump rationalizes his humiliating defeat in Alabama


"'I Was Right:' Trump Says He Knew Roy Moore Would Lose All Along."  []


Trump never admits he is wrong:

He supported Moore,  making no bones

Though he felt he would lose all along

And the winner would be Mister Jones.



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  • Being psychotic must be all it's cracked up to be.

  • Another strange twist:Congratulations, Steve Bannon, you just elected a Democrat in Alabama.

    I bet some troll we knew who was trying to send click count to Breitbart so its Goldman Sachs backers could get Google advertising dollars (yes, that's what was happening) just took a dump in his Pampers.

  • It's as if the man doesn't understand the existence of recordings, no matter the medium. We know what he said. We know he then denies it.

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