On Trump's critique of Al Franken



Trump once said he has license to grope

On that infamous trip to a soap.

So the sins of Roy Moore

He is prone to ignore,

But for Franken's  he's plenty of rope.



Author's note:  This is my 1800th post.


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  • Question whether this helps or hurts Franken's prospects, but since he relies on progressives, probably does.

    Hypocrisy on the alt-right and among neocons is nothing new, though. As Opinionated Woman pointed out, either Trump believes Putin or doesn't, but you can't tell from what he says or tweets.

  • Congratulations on the 1,800 mark! That's marvelous!
    This is among the more incisive ones, too. Well done.

  • Well-done, sir! May you continue to puncture pomposity and shine a light on hypocrisy with your incomparable wit. Write on!

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