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Thoughts on Trump's character (or lack of)

(CNN)”Breaking his public silence about four American soldiers killed during an ambush in Niger, President Donald Trump said Monday he’d penned personal letters to their families and planned to phone them later this week.He also claimed, without merit, that his predecessors hadn’t written or called the families of slain American troops during their tenures, though... Read more »

A postcard from The Steamboat House in Galena

      For a week I abandoned this blogging arena. And spent it with pleasure in charming Galena. I return with the rain On the Trump watch again Trying not to react like a laughing hyena.    

Senator Corker: A reality check for the GOP

  Trump is at loggerheads with Bob Corker Who has worries about the New Yorker. What gives him alarm Is Trump’s running the farm Without knowing a pig from a porker.  

How General Kelly can save the nation

  The critical mission  of Chief of Staff Kelly Shouldn’t  be to help Trump like a Machiavelli. But to simply convince His impetuous  prince Not to tweet anything after watching the telly.    

Teasing out the meaning of Trump's 'calm before the storm'

  When our president speaks we all listen; So he must choose with care every word. We expect he’ll explain what we’re missin’ If we don’t understand what we heard. So we try to make sense of the “calm” And the frightening “storm” in the offin’; Is it time for the 23rd Psalm Said by... Read more »

Tillerson's appellation for Trump is no oxymoron

  Did Rex Tillerson call Trump a “moron”? Or are all the reports purely spurious? That he did who would not bet the store on? Otherwise why would Trump be so furious?  

The false idol of the gun culture

  I don’t own a gun and I hope never will. Though by law  I’ve  the right like all citizens do. They think  that a gun  will  protect them,  but still, I don’t  own a gun and I hope never will. Is it not writ in Scripture that we shouldn’t kill? That who lives by... Read more »