Assessing the Republican primary in Alabama



"In the first skirmish of the coming fight for the soul of the Republican Party, polls have opened in the Alabama special election to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the Senate. Republicans face a choice between Sessions’s appointed replacement, former state attorney general Luther Strange, and former Alabama Supreme Court judge Roy Moore."   []


In 'Bama the GOP choices do range--

For a seat on the Upper House floor--

From someone who's proud of the fact that he's strange,

To another who is even more.

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  • It's sort of a choice between pond scum and slime.

  • Um, depending on your accent, "floor" and "Moore" could rhyme (I wrote Seriously). But well done!

  • Moore won, no less. Best quote: "Steve Bannon and God spoke to me, and this morning when I went in I voted for Moore." I didn't know God was a psycho ex-Goldman Sachs money guy. I bet some troll didn't know that Bannon was.

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