Newt Gingerich is the poster boy for political mumbo-jumbo



Why do the news outlets give Gingerich a forum?

It's time they decide that we all should ignore 'im.

He is one of  Trump's flacks

And  his loopy attacks

Indicate he's an old cockalorum.*


*a self-important little man  [Urban Dictionary]


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  • NBC is giving an even bigger nutjob a forum tonight.

  • They give him a forum because they know he will make totally irrelevant observations in an entertainingly snarky way. Great for a sluggish news day.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    Which may be the essence of the problem. The news day is sluggish because there is too much news hole to fill. CNN was originally the "world in 30 minutes." Then that became Headline News, which no longer is that either. Then the war (including the banner war) broke out with FNC. It doesn't seem like the news on FNC affects the Tweetie Bird as much as the crack pots being interviewed, and to the extent that he converts their opinions into "facts." Then CNN puts the tweets into banners.

    Then, as I indicated above, NBC gave a nutjob a forum. Various reviewers indicate that Megyn Kelly "pantsed him" but it doesn't matter, as she gave him free publicity and undoubtedly added to the number of nutjobs who listen to him on far right radio.

    Kelly is supposedly competing with 60 Minutes, but PR flacks taught the targets how to deal with ambush journalism back when Mike Wallace was a young man.

    Even on the OTA networks, they have to fill Sunday a.m. with something political, or people won't buy from the nuclear power plant advertisers.

    Which now brings it local. WGN TV now has 12-1/2 hours of news a weekday (and possibly overnight rebroadcasts). People now ask what right-wing Sinclair Broadcasting is going to do. If they are anything like Cumulus did to WLS AM, as far as imposing their politics, they'll be out of business in no time.

  • In reply to jack:

    I only recently got cable, and it amazes me how much verbiage can accompany a little bit of news--or even the prospect of a little bit of news.

    And we mocked Bill Clinton for quibbling over what "is" is.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    Heck, numerous Trump lawyers are now arguing in the media whether Trump is under investigation, when Trump said he was. If the lawyers are assuming that they have a liar for a client, they are pickled either way. Today's Shoe encapsulates the problem. But maybe, like Newt, they are only there to fill the news hole, not to provide representation.

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