The metrics of impeachment: the special counsel



It seems there's enough to impeach;

A conclusion yet many don't reach.

Now appointed, Bob Mueller

With no partisan color

Will measure Trump's actions and speech.

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  • It doesn't seem to pay on the comments section of chicagonow to try to find support for an impeachment or 25th Amendment betting pool.

    However, I do note that this is rapidly going down the Watergate road (Virginia Ave NW). Rosenstein appointed a special counsel either (a) out of a sense of propriety, or (b) because he realizes he was punked, in either case, because his signature was on the recommendation to fire Comey. So, I suppose OF will have to find a way to fire Rosenstein and Muller, even though Sessions is recused.

    The only thing I can conclude fairly at this point is that there is probable cause for an investigation; even some Reps. in the House said so.

    On a related note, Bob Schneider and others have noted McConnell's and Ryan's remarks that this is derailing the legislative agenda. As Schneider implies and Seinfeld said: "not that there's anything wrong with that!"

  • Let's keep the Republican show a show about nothing. Vive la Resistance!

  • The schizophrenic has gone off the rails again. AP via Daily Herald: Trump tweets witch hunt, while the official statement was "I look forward to this matter concluding quickly."

    I suppose one is going after a witch, although, again Broom Hilda will take offense to my statement.

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