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Kellyanne Conway: smoke screen personified

  How uplifting Trump’s speech was,  says  Kellyanne Conway. Uppermost are the people in the plans he has on way. Of course, she redacts All the truth and the facts And she’ll lie through her teeth till she quits or Trump’s gone ‘way.  

Mr. President, it's time you fess up to your Russian connections

  “Donald Trump has dismissed allegations that he’s in some way connected to Russian attempts to influence the presidential election as nothing but a “political witch hunt.”But a number of reports in the past couple of weeks have revealed that according to unnamed sources, investigators from six different US intelligence and law enforcement agencies have... Read more »

Trump's Inaugural Address doesn't deliver

  The Inaugural speech Trump delivered was short And it was, I’m afraid  a  pedestrian sort. Much like in the vein of those in his campaign And lacking a memorable line to report.              

Does Steve Mnuchin remind you of this lawman?

  At Mnuchin the Dems took potshots With  Republicans friendly  robots. Does  his jittery  face Have much more than a trace Of the deputy played by Don Knotts?

Expecting a great Inaugural Address from Trump is laughable

  “Incoming White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway says Americans can expect a ‘powerful’ but concise inaugural speech from President-elect Trump after he is sworn into office at the U.S. Capitol on Friday. ‘He is a man who states his case very clearly, and very concisely and very convincingly,’she said. ‘And I predict that will be... Read more »

The water Trump carries for Putin is golden

    “A 35-page dossier that details President-elect Donald Trump’s ties with Russia was published for the first time in full by BuzzFeed on Tuesday evening and revealed a particularly surprising allegation involving Trump hiring prostitutes to pee on a hotel bed.”  []   What the dossier says about Trump is salacious. He denies it,... Read more »

Inauguration Day Blues

  A  Progressive who votes Democrat, I fear for our nation in that We all should be carin’ The person we swear in On Friday we’d rather swear at.  

Martin Luther King Jr. and the transition of power

  The swearing-in, the Inaugural Ball, Traditional and  formal. But Donald Trump, we shouldn’t call Legitimate or normal.    

The Greatest Show on Earth is leaving town. For Good.

  Barnum & Bailey is shutting it down Goodbye to the big top, farewell to the clown. More people would rather Another place gather So the circus in red ink did silently drown.

Message to Putin: Stroke Trump's huge ego and he's your amigo

“If Putin likes Donald Trump, guess what folks, that’s an asset. Not a liability.”     The hacking by Russians of Hillary mattered. Her chances of winning were certainly battered. What was Trump’s reply When told Putin did try? Shocked? Furious? Outraged? No, flattered.