General Trump is passing the buck

Image result for picture of trump saying i know more than the generals


Than all the generals, Trump knows more.

A genius like him  suffices.

So why is he asking the general corps

Its plan for beating Isis?

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  • I thought his program was to let Putin and Assad take care of it, and from the last 6 months, it appeared that the Obama administration was going along with that strategy.

    The more interesting thing, going back to yesterday's topic is that Pink Hair Rinse Priebus seems to be going back on der Führer's orders and saying what the judge said was fine. Then, who misled Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and are they going to be put on the rack?

  • We also see that Rinse also tried to walk back on his Führer being an anti-Semite, as we knew he and many of his followers are. Jared didn't tell him that the Holocaust was about 6 million Jews, as well as Roma, gays, etc. Herr Drumpf couldn't offend his American Nazi Party support.

    Fortunately, Yom Hashoah in Israel is April 24 this year. Maybe he can atone by then. [Explanation is that the International one is when Auschwitz was liberated, a couple of days after my mother and grandmother were long marched out of there, while the Israeli one is based on the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.]

  • As ever, Jack, thanks for your provocative and informative comments.

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