As Trump tramples on our rights, where are the Republican leaders?

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When he flouts an American value and tenet,

Trump's barely called out by the House or the Senate.

But a line must we draw

In this country of law

Says the Constitution by the men who did pen it.


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  • Bork took care of the acting AG.

    The rest seem to be under a medical condition of "I didn't know that," but are acting like they know where their bread is buttered. They still think they need Chef's (see Byrne of a couple of days ago) "dem wimmen who won't let me grab their puddies sure are ugly" vote.

  • In reply to jack:

    LOL. Jack, you are too much.

    You are my biggest fan. Here I thought I would drop in on Jerry and find out exactly which "right" he lost today, but I find you referring to me.

    My new theory is that you two are not having a bromance but that you, Jack, the unknown and anonymous, are an additional personalty of Jerry.

    Somebody has to comment on his TrumpVerse in the positive, so why not his biggest fan -- himself?

  • In reply to Chef Boy RD:

    You found out! I am AW's doppelgänger too.

  • In reply to Chef Boy RD:

    You haven't denied what you wrote on Byrne, nor that no woman will let you grab her puddy.

    As they say, if the toque fits, wear it.

    Also, to clarify your remarks in light of jnorto's, Jerry will thank you for visiting. I won't, but will thank you for becoming a hilarious strawman, too gutless to defend yourself with a logical, or usually any, response. So we aren't doppelgangers.

  • Getting back to the topic of the post (and as indicated by my Acting AG remark), on the other hand, the Senate does not seem in much of a hurry to confirm anyone other than Mattis and Kelly. I wonder if hilarity will ensue if Sessions is recalled for further questioning, or if some Senate committee decides that the DHS Secretary should explain himself before some committee.

  • Maybe I am prescient. Just on the Tribune home page "Senate Finance Committee votes to confirm President Donald Trump's picks for health and Treasury secretary are being indefinitely postponed after Democrats boycotted the meeting."

    Chef dumps a Spanish Chorizo in his pants.

  • On the other hand, there is a report that the Senate committee had no problem moving the nomination of Linda McMahon for the SBA. They didn't mention if her son in law, Triple H, provided any muscle.

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