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Reality for Progressives sinks in after Trump's dubious victory

  So we’ll move on with tearful  knowledge That Hillary won the total vote But due to an archaic college We’re stuck with Trump.  That’s all she wrote.

Trump chooses to dine in order to get Slim

    “Carlos Slim got a “very positive” impression from U.S. President-elect Donald Trump about ties with Mexico after the two met for dinner on Saturday in Florida, a spokesman for the Mexican telecoms billionaire said on Monday.”  []   Trump decides to break bread with a Mexican billionaire. I wonder if a taco bowl... Read more »

Trump: the triumph of fake news

  There are Rush, Alex Jones, Breitbart, Fox Who have fed pseudo-news to their flocks. And these misguided sheep In the dark took a leap And elected a head full of rocks.

Why Trump continues to deny that Russia hackers put him in office

  Trump doesn’t agree with intelligence geeks That the Russians left fingerprints on Clinton leaks. The picture they paint His election would taint And we all would hear Putin whenever Trump speaks.

Russians are having an Arctic blast with Trump

  “Stock market is soaring No prizes for guessing which country was most enthusiastic about Donald Trump’s victory Wednesday. The Russian stock market was the world’s second-best performer of the day (right behind Switzerland’s market). Stocks surged in the hopes that the new president-elect will lift the sanctions that President Barack Obama imposed on Russia... Read more »

Why are the Republicans blase about Putin's interference in the presidential election?

      There’s clear evidence Putin ordered a hack; But where is the outrage Republicans lack? The GOP apathy has no other reason Except playing politics.  I call that treason.  

Trump's Department heads foreshadow his policies

  In his cabinet Trump has these crony recruits: Generals, billionaires, Goldman Sachs suits. It appears on our soil He’ll be drilling for oil And on other grounds putting our boots.

The Russians are hacking, the Russians are hacking, the Russians are hacking

  Almonds and pine nuts and roasting chestnuts; We lump them together and call nut. And now we can thank seedy geeks in Moscow That our next president is a walnut.    

Comey: a Republican shill?

  Back when it happened it really did throw me. Just before the election that stunt by James Comey. His inquiry’s hintin’ Of mischief by Clinton Was the blatant  exploit  of a  GOP homey.

Was McConnell a traitor to hide Trump's Russian connection?

  “In a confidential briefing, McConnell reportedly expressed doubt about intelligence findings that Russia aided efforts to boost Trump, ostensibly by promoting hacked emails and documents that were damaging to the Democratic Party and its nominee, Hillary Clinton.”  []   Our Intelligence says  Putin’s one of Trump’s backers; He ordered his agents to be Clinton hackers.... Read more »