No one deserves a lump of Trump for Christmas

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Dear Santa, We don't deserve Trump in our stocking.

Are we being punished for all of our mocking?

But instead of our ruing,

It's time to start doing

Whatever it takes to give Trump a defrocking.


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  • The only rational reason people in Pennsylvania and West Virginia gave for voting for Chef Gous v Yablokach's* candidate was that he was going to bring back coal jobs. From the top image, he conned them too. Of course, he wasn't the son of a coal miner. He was the grandson of a bordello owner.

    Chef says others need counseling, but what he means, like what his hero the shirtless horseman means is reeducation.** Remember, Trump bows down to a guy who was afraid of Pussy Riot.

    *Actually that sounds tasty.
    **jnorto was essentially correct.

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  • In reply to khare:

    So that's what Breitbart was using!.

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