2016 could have been better, but wasn't the worst by far

Plague killed millions in Europe


No doubt there were worse years than last.

When Jews were rounded up and gassed.

When Japanese died in a blast

When Huns and Goths left towns aghast

When victims of the plague were vast

When nations wept with flags half-mast.

When Death across each household passed.

The world has seen worse years than last.


Image result for pictures of atomic blast over hiroshima


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  • Of course you are right. There is a temptation to think that the tragedy most recently suffered is the most significant in human history.

    But you still can't make me philosophical about having Donald Trump as president.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    That's why 2017 could be the worst. In spite of that thought, let me wish you a Happy New Year.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Strangely, the right pane had a similar one from Dennis Byrne. Only thing is what you imply, especially if the nuclear holocaust occurs in 2017.

    It's sort of like last night on Antenna TV, they had the 1975 New Year's Eve Johnny Carson Tonight Show with Joan Rivers* ** where both of them were complaining how bad the year just ended was. Sure, Nixon resigned about 16 months before and there was other Watergate fallout, but if they thought that was bad, wait for what followed.***

    *Must have been before the feud.
    **Ego of Steven is into her, even though that was approx. 15 years before he was born.
    ***Fairly immediately, 16%/year inflation, and Frank Reynolds becoming famous for "America Held Hostage, Day XXX"

  • This is so good, AW! Thank you, always, for your lightness and wisdom. Best wishes in the New Year!

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    And the same to you, my good friend. I hope we all weather the storm.

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