Trump's candidacy even baffles Hawking



"Stephen Hawking has said that he fails to understand the popularity of Donald Trump, the presumptive US Republican presidential candidate." []


Stephen Hawking the Cosmos can't stump;

From Big Bang to Black Hole he'll jump.

Comprehends singularities

And quantum polarities,

But  can't get his arms around Trump.

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  • It's because Hawking is intelligent. Now, if he were among the "I love the poorly educated," he would have no problem with it, just like how most of the angry ilk don't know, don't care, or can't figure out that Trump U was a consumer fraud and Trump Casino stuck it to its workers (Trumpcare was take whatever money the bankruptcy court allowed and buy health care on the exchange, if you can). I'm sure a couple of the foamers will say that in the casino case, Drumpf only licensed his name, but if you associate yourself with dung....

    BTW, did Hawking appear on The Simpsons, or did only his voice machine?

  • In reply to jack:

    If I remember correctly, Dr. Hawking's "voice machine" is set up so that only he can use it, so I would say he was there. Now to figure out why!

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    It was as story about Lisa being admitted to Mensa and Hawking was there (as usual in such plots) to put Lisa in her place.

  • Thanks for a very smart post. I started to imagine Trump saying that the smartest man in the world couldn't figure him out -- but I gave up, because I doubt that Trump considers anyone else the smartest man in the world. Sigh.

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