Putin resorts to cyber-skullduggery to vet Trump



"Two groups of Russian hackers, working for competing government intelligence agencies, penetrated computer systems of the Democratic National Committee and gained access to emails, chats and a trove of opposition research against Donald J. Trump, according to the party and a cybersecurity firm." [nytimes.com]


Trump's D.N.C. file's been hacked.

The Russians are guilty in fact.

It would have been fitter

Just to read him on Twitter;

All his qualities there are unpacked.


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  • Usually the computer operator is the victim, but I think you are correct this was directed at Trump by his fellow thug Putin.

    Also, you are correct that the Russians didn't find out any secrets.

  • Maybe the Russians got copies of Trump's income tax returns, or copies of his Trump U videotaped depositions. But what would Putin want to do with these? Cement Trump's friendship by holding them over his head?

  • In reply to jnorto:

    Certainly it is something to hold over Trump's head. However, I doubt it is anything you mentioned, as the DNC getting them would also be criminal (as, for instance, there is nothing to show that Trump gave consent to release the tax returns, so someone would have had to hack the IRS).

    I think Colbert was correct in saying to the effect that the Russians didn't have to do this, because they could have just listened to what Trump says on TV. As AW points out, sufficient to follow him on Twitter.

  • In reply to jack:

    "Opposition research" can include material illegally obtained by others. A number of people may have access to Trump's tax returns and video recordings. There is no exclusionary rule in politics or in international espionage.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    I'm sure that if the hacked materials contained illegally obtained ones, that also would have come out by now. The Russians are not above blackmailing both sides.

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