Hamstrung by family ties, Jeb decides to stop running

Jeb's campaign was crawling and gathering moss;

So he called on his clan to forestall total loss.

To his side trundled  mother

As did George, outcast brother..

But Jeb's surname turned out to be his albatross.


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  • My mother called yesterday and said "I hear Jedediah is out." I said it was reported yesterday, and then asked, "since you are in Florida, is Rubio an idiot, too?" Somehow, she didn't hear me ask that.

  • Well put. thank you. I'm still waiting to see who he'll endorse among those left running. I think those who leave the race need to be louder about how they want their supporters to go.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Only choice seems Rubio now, which prompted my question above.

  • It's too bad for Jeb that the party structure isn't more like the Democrats, he'd be leading with 2 delegates by vote and 600 super delegates procured over cigarettes and crumpets.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    I'm sure it is more like the donors said "bye, bye."

  • Interesting read from Salon. Obviously I don't agree with the charge of racism, but the political hanky-panky is undeniable.

    Where is the left's outrage on this super delegate non-sense?

  • Colbert had a good one on his "Hunger for Power Games." There was a clip of Jeb! saying something about "being on an island," to which Colbert said "it is like Survivor...except Jeb was done in by Big Brother."

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