Why Putin endorses Donald Trump

putin horse

This should make the Far Right hotter:

Trump has Putin's imprimatur.

Putin likes Trump, though he's crass,

Because he knows a horse's ass.

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  • 4zen gets off the the chesticles, too.
    However, the animal pictured next to the muskrat does not park its rump in a box of Cheez-Its.

  • 'According Gallup daily tracking, only 37 percent of American’s support Obama’s handling of foreign policy. The president’s approach in dealing with Islamic State (previously ISIS/ISIL) in Iraq and Syria has not won much approval, either, with 34 percent backing President Obama’s handling of the situation.

    At the same time, 73 percent of respondents would like to see the next US president to take another approach.'

    Maybe Trump could teach the President 'The Art of The Deal' with world nuclear powers.

    Look at what Hillary and Obama did to the Middle East after we had contained W's mistake. Why did they destabilize Lybia creating a civil war and an ISIS incubator? Why did they arm Al Qaeda/ISIS? Why do we now have to go back into a war that was contained?

    Why are we releasing terrorists back into the field to kill Americans? Bergdahl?

  • In reply to 4zen:

    What's the poll numbers on "let's exclude all Muslims," of course after deducting the lunatic fringe.

    It's real easy to poll on who "would like to see the next US president to take another approach" without asking what that approach would be.

    And AW would contend that W's mistake was not contained by W. France intervened in Libya, we didn't. Bergdahl is being tried for desertion.

    You have very, very, very strange world view. I guess Obama personally defecated on some lettuce at Chipoltle, too, in your view. Also put the gun in Officer Van Dyke's hand. We really do have an omnipotent leader, in your view.

  • In reply to jack:

    Only France? No, No, No. That doesn't fit the narrative of left-wing publication WSWS and many other sources found by a simple search. Sidney Blumenthal?

    'We came, we saw, he died.'
    -Hillary Clinton, on the death of Qaddafi.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    Yeah, Hillary personally wielded the sword.

    And now you believe left wing publications?

  • Hmmm. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" just got disproven. Thanks.

  • Getting back to the point, a Sun Times article on how Trump revelled in the Putin endorsement until he had to condemn Putin...finally.

    But until Trump took it back, I'm sure 4zen and the Obamaphobes agreed with:

    Joe Scarborough pointed out that Putin is a person who kills journalists, political opponents and invades countries.

    “He’s running his country and at least he’s a leader, unlike what we have in this country,” Trump said while offering up a shot at President Barack Obama.

    Scarborough again stressed that Putin “kills journalists that don’t agree with him.”

    Trump’s response?

    “Well, I think our country does plenty of killing also, Joe, you know,” Trump said. “A lot of killing going on, a lot of stupidity and that’s the way it is.”

  • In reply to jack:

    Looks like you put some work into that post, you're merely a Trumpaphobe.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    Only to the extent that I don't want the country run by an irrational clown, as Trump's words above clearly demonstrate. I'll reappraise my position if Herschel Krustofski enters the race.

    I see you can't rebut the article, though. Projection seems your last line of defense.

  • In reply to jack:

    I only mirrored your responses, could you not tell? You ignored my article so ignored yours. Even the liberal rag 'Salon' recognizes Hillary's foreign policy:

    'Obama at last seems to grasp. It isn’t only reporters and the fear-mongering Republicans who question our policy. People are scared. And the policy has failed. Sanders wants to talk about economic issues but to clear the conversational space he must first tell us of how he’d make us safe. There are progressive answers and Clinton sure doesn’t have them. In this week’s Republican debate, she’d have sided with the interventionists against those who question the strategies of regime change she has long championed. In a debate between her and Trump, he’d be the one urging caution on deploying ground troops. Nor can we leave it to Rand Paul to make the progressive case.'

    People will see the endorsement as an asset, regardless of Putin's record. 'Keep your enemies close.'

    Were you this upset when Obama invited a bunch of murdering dictators to the Whitehouse?

  • In reply to 4zen:

    1. Both Salon and you missed reports that after meetings between Kerry and the Soviet Foreign Minister, the administration has given up on regime change.

    2. You really have a false sense of moral equivalence (or again an inability to read to what you link). The linked article said But the three-day summit wasn't primarily about democracy and human rights. It was about ways the U.S. government and private enterprise can form partnerships in Africa to promote the continent's promising economies. ... Instead, the underlying theme of the summit was that security against terrorism and economic development must come first, and that — if all goes well — political progress will naturally follow. It did not say "Angola's leaders endorsed Obama's quest for a third term" nor that Obama said "sure people get killed." Compare to what TRUMP said.

    Did Trump say anything about forming partnerships with his LLCs to bring peace and democracy to the Middle East and Russia. Of course not.

    And if you were asking about my personal view of a meeting you just dug up that occurred 18 months ago, forget it. Trump shot off his mouth within the past week.

  • In reply to jack:

    1. So we've come full cirlce, the administration is admitting that Obama and Hillary's policy of regime change (Lybia/Syria) was wrong and we can stop arming terrorists. Trump was right, we should let Russia bomb the Hades out of ISIS and Al Qaeda.

    2. Its not a false equivilent, many of leaders were brutal killers. In both instances, sometimes its just better to get along. The flap about Putin's endorsement is a bunch phony outrage and you know it. People have been afraid of us going to war with Russia for the last 70 years, the endorsement is an asset.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    2. No, the flap is that Trump is so tone deaf that he thinks killing journalists is a good idea. So did Jihadi John.

    1. Yes, I was somewhat surprised by the CNN banner that "Administration's policy is in line with all Reps. in CNN debate." . But, as I said before, the war between Russia and Turkey already proved that Trump was wrong. You can't have it both ways, as you have played it.

  • Breaking News: David Axelrod calls Trump 'anti-Obama' on 'Face The Nation'. Pundits say he must read 'The Quark In The Road!'

    In Other News: Politifact catches Hillary in another terrorist video lie while ISIS releases video calling Bill a 'fornicator'.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    4zen: I believe everything said in the left wing media. I guess you aren't a member of the Tea Party because they believe none of it.

  • In reply to jack:

    Both left and right wing media are reporting this stuff, but I use the liberal stuff when I can for the sake of the blog's usual bias.

    Correct, not a Tea Party member.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    And, of course, your belief in the cause of human rights activists.

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