We don't need an epidemic of Santas

{The following verse came about after I read "Too Many Santas" by ChicagoNow blogger One Bad Mom]


There're far too many Santa Clauses

Shilling  for commercial bosses.

The spirit of Christmas is in ourselves

And doesn't depend on roundabout elves.


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  • This topic came up in chitransit forum on what would happen if some phone company chartered a second holiday train and 2 Santas reached the same station at the same time.

    However, this is the Santa in which I believe. I suppose you could ask the same question to Wheaton College.

  • Welcome to the new economy where the only jobs for men are part time Santas and Über drivers. Santa may no longer have any pride, but at least he's got Medicaid for his diabetes.

    On the other hand, as Jack's video points out, Tim Allen was one and did a good job. Miracle On 34th St. never gets old, but I missed Ferrel's 'Elf' last night and will look for it on Amazon Video.

  • Back in the last century, I can remember being somewhat confused about the profusion of Santas everywhere and which one was real. They didn't seem as common then, either. Sigh! But thanks for a very good point. Merry Christmas.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    On the other hand, they aren't in every department store and there aren't as many department stores as there were. There is the one in the mall area in Woodfield, but you can't see one in Goldblatt's. Being from that area, I'm sure that's where the real Ralphie in A Christmas Story saw him.

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