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Cleaning Putin's clock is a bird-brained idea

  Donald Duck once  threw tomatoes At the Fuehrer’s nose. Now Kasich says he’d punch the faces Of our Russian foes. But  geopolitical policy Like this would lead to ruin If we elect someone who thinks No better than a toon.    

Trump has the GOP on the horns of a dilemma

    How long will it be until Donald Trump dives? Already it seems he has more than nine lives. If they don’t want to lose Someone else they must choose And do it before the election arrives.

A place for Christmas in a troubled world

  The warring among us won’t cease Though  the chances of doomsday increase. Still we hope that the Savior Forgives our behavior And helps good-willed people  bring peace.

Is Heyward worth it? Maybe. Maybe not.

  So the Cubs signed the  free agent Heyward And their fans aren’t saying a  nay word. But if they start regretting All the millions he’s getting, The  fans who’ll pay more might go wayward.

The fallacy of the gun lobby

  Although I admit that  I’ve never owned one, They want to convince me to go buy a gun. Says the NRA, armed, I won’t likely be harmed. But  common sense tells me I better own none.  

Why lawyers have bad street cred

  [The following verse owes its conception to “Hate Lawyers??? Don’t worry it’s getting harder to be one” which appeared today in Michael Helfand’s “Chicago’s Real Law Blog”]   It’s in Shakespeare: “Kill all lawyers” Like those infesting Courthouse foyers. Our hate for them may be prodigious Due to the fact they are litigious. Ambulance... Read more »

Recognizing Dick Cheney for what he did

  “A marble bust of former Vice President Dick Cheney was officially unveiled today in the U.S. Capitol. During a mid-day ceremony, Cheney was introduced by his former boss, President George W. Bush.” [ABC News]   The War in Iraq was unjust; And at Cheney’s role in it I’ve cussed. So how apt it should... Read more »

Overruling Paul Ryan's Beard

  Paul Ryan has grown a beard And he won’t shave it off, it appeared, Till his wife tells him to; After all she is who In domestic affairs to be feared.

Rick Morrissey to Tom Ricketts: Time to spend big!

    [One that got away: The Boston Red Sox have  signed free agent pitching ace David Price to a $217 million contract.]   The Cubs could be champs in a trice, I suppose, if they would roll the dice. By not acting  the figure Already’s much  bigger After Boston has overpaid Price.

The George Lucas "Mistake on the Lake"

  [I wrote the following verse after reading “The homely Lucas Museum, a vanity project, must not be built” in Joey Korom’s blog ‘Chicago Architecture Journal’]   Some people don’t fancy Star Wars on the Lake, The Lucas Museum that is on the make. A gelatinous blob Where the fans would hobnob For Han Solo’s... Read more »