Breaking news: A very perilous present


"It turns out that maneuvering a hoverboard is not as easy as it looks, and people are wiping out on them. To make matters worse, fiendish friends and family members are uploading videos of these wipeouts to social media." []


This Christmas she was gifted with

A trendy toy: a hoverboard.

She got on it and took a spill

And  now she must recover, Lord!

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  • A very perilous future too.
    There was something on the radio that you aren't allowed to ship them by airplane, because the lithium ion batteries will catch fire.

  • Hmm. It seems no one who knows me well enough for a present thought I could handle a hoverboard. I think that's just as well.

  • It's reported that Ralphie chose the Red Ryder over the hoverboard. He'd risk an eye, but not the neck.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    It's bad enough Ralphie got shoved down the slide at Goldblatt's; now he would have wanted to go all X-Games and ride the hoverboard up it.

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