Rubio the big winner in Debate #3? Go figure.


Some say Rubio won the debate

When he struck out Jeb Bush at the plate.

Though Jeb rightfully noted

The guy hardly voted

And was not really serving his state.

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  • Don't shoot the messenger, but the online polls by 'Time', 'Drudge' and even 'CNBC' have Trump beating the field handily.

    A quick Google search shows plenty of media hate for Trump tho, and obviously we've seen plenty here, so no need to rehash.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    Maybe as I mentioned before, I don't think the inauguration is on Nov. 3, 2015.

  • One can debate who "won" the debate, but there is no debate over who lost: and that is the liberals/progressive/Democrat moderators.

    Oh, I know: you don't see the bias. I wouldn't expect you to.

  • In reply to Chef D:

    4zen's hero is nondiscriminatory--he doesn't like left wing CNBC and he hates right wing FNS.

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