When confronting the roar of Trump, Ben Carson is no Daniel

"When asked what sets him apart from Trump, Carson said, in his typical soft-spoken style, 'I’ve realized where my success has come from, and I don’t in any way deny my faith in God. >By humility and the fear of the Lord are riches and honor and life<   and that’s a very big part of who I am. I don’t get that impression with him [Trump]. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t get that.'" [thefederalist.com]

Ben quoting the Bible said Trump isn't humble

But  retracted  as soon as  the Donald did grumble.

Instead Carson saith

"I won't judge his faith

Or  swallow more bait to get into a  rumble.

"'I said something that sounded like I was questioning his faith,' Mr. Carson said in an interview at a hotel here. 'I really wasn’t. I was really talking more about mine. But it was said in an inappropriate way, which I recognized, and I apologized for that. It’s never my intention to impugn other people.'" [Wall Street Journal]

Image: Carson Apologizes for 'Taking the Bait' and Doubting Trump's Faith


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  • I've been hearing rumblings that Trump's politics aren't that different than Bernie's, this sounds like an interesting avenue of inquiry. I wonder if it will lead to the fact that certain fellows on this thread are more interested in the drug of partisanship than truth.....stay tuned.

  • I just got a robocall said "paid for by the committee for Ben Carson." I still hung up.

  • In reply to jack:

    I can't believe you would even answer.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    Do you really think it said "Give to Ben Carson" on caller ID?

  • In reply to jack:

    We do not answer any number we do not recognize.

  • In reply to 4zen:

    I found that that doesn't stop the ringing, so now I am threatening people like Windows Tech Support and Alternative Electricity with calling the police if they don't stop bugging me, after screwing around with them a bit, such as asking how the weather is in Calcutta and if they can tell me why I uninstalled Windows 10.

  • In reply to jack:

    BTW, were you tuned in to this Trump speech? Looks like CNN had a similar reaction to him, even though its job is to give him free pub.

  • It turns out that Ben Carson is a bigger religious bigot than first thought.

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