Ted Cruz plays second fiddle to Mike Huckabee in the Kim Davis jamboree



"Fellow GOP candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) also made the journey down to Kentucky, but his plan to show solidarity and share the spotlight with Davis was foiled by Huckabee, who sent an aide over to physically block him from speaking with reporters. The New York Times reports that after the incident, Cruz "appeared incredulous." A few moments later, Huckabee stood shoulder to shoulder with Davis onstage, while "Mr. Cruz stood off to the side, keeping an unusually low profile during the event." [theweek.com]


To the Bluegrass state Cruz went  to win

Those who think same-sex marriage a  sin.

Would the folks in Kentucky be

More for Mike Huckabee?

Cruz found out much to his chagrin.


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  • Only point for each is to get 20 seconds on Fox News Channel, while Trump gets 37 minutes on CNN.* Each is fighting over the same 1.3714% of those willing to talk to pollsters.

    *See Your Doubting Thomas today.

  • In reply to jack:

    Thanks for the heads up.

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