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A jester is running for president (No, it's not Donald Trump)

  “Jimmy Morales, a comic actor who once played a blundering cowboy who accidentally became president, appeared on his way to a surprise victory in the first round of Guatemala’s presidential election on Sunday, but didn’t secure enough votes to avoid an October runoff.” [Juan Montes in the Wall Street Journal]   In politics there... Read more »

What's wrong with the Christian Right (and Kim Davis)

  Some Christians think God’s on their side, An example of spiritual pride. But much better it is On the side that is His, Which the righteous will use as a guide.

The Cubs? "Something will happen. Something always happens."

  “So much longing, so much yearning, so much suffering. Cubs fans know what these fresh Cubs players do not. Something will happen. Something always happens. Every Cubs season ends so quietly you can hear a tear drop.” [Bernie Lincicome in today’s Chicago Tribune sports section]   The Cubs are expected to play sudden death;... Read more »

The kitchen is not a red-light district (with a shout out to Brett Baker)

  Author’s note: The table for the following verse was set by “Can we please stop describing food as sexy?” by ChicagoNow blogger Brett Baker.   As for cooking shows one of my wishes Is that, whether of meats or of fishes, I don’t want  cuisine To be raw or obscene So stop  calling them... Read more »

In Trump's playbook, Jeb's a loser on these bases

  As a candidate Jeb’s a far cry. No energy, Trump says, is why. And it’s not always kosher, Claimed Leo Durocher, In a campaign to be a nice guy.  

A reflection on a flight and a fall

  What is it about the bees and the rain? They bother some. Life, without them, we couldn’t  sustain. Respect the wet. Enjoy the hum.  

Cubs' sun is sinking...Can Jake pitch every game?

  The Cubs are a team on the make. Every game seems a lot is at stake. In the wake of his gem, We’d have more hopes for them If the rest of the staff pitched like Jake.

Why Spike didn't pass the smell test: a poem for the Weather Girl

  “It’s disappointing that it didn’t open because it’s really quite splendid,” said Chicago Botanic Garden conservation scientist Patrick Herendeen, who narrated the opening to the crowd. “They’re amazing plants. Their flowers are amazing and their odor is amazing. However, this is not unprecedented. It just didn’t perform as expected. But that’s just like our... Read more »