What my dad thought of the Cubs

My late dad was a rabid fan

Of the  Southside Pale Hose.

So when my baseball love began

The Sox of course I chose.

The Northside  team my dad deplored,

A stronger word he used.

But if I said that word, the Lord,

Would hardly  be amused.

Rest in peace!


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  • I never heard the reference Southside Pale Hose. What is it's origin?

  • In reply to 4zen:

    "But you know the one thing the woe Sox do have? They own the best alternative nickname in sport: Pale Hose. Let it drip off your tongue, Pale Hose. I can only suppose that once sometime long ago some headline poet of the sports pages, searching desperately for a shorter synonym for `white stockings,' came up with that truly magnificent Pale Hose. Even now, though, I don't think any human being has ever actually said, `Pale Hose.' It is strictly a newspaper term to be printed, like `feted,' `tabbed,' `tiff,' `melee,' `as follows,' `Sino,' `nuptials,' `garner,' `senior circuit' and `GOP.' Nobody ever speaks those words. Nobody ever says, `Pale Hose.' You're hearing it here for the first time." Frank Deford, NPR 2005

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Interesting, thanx Aquinas. I'll have to use that one down at the watering hole.

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