Trump has a hairy moment in South Carolina


"Donald Trump invites a woman onto the stage to prove his hair is real, after the New York Times reported on the fact that some in the Spanish-speaking media have been calling him: "El hombre del peluquin" -- The man of the toupee. 'I don't wear a toupee! It's my real hair. I swear.'"   []


I can't say I ever did care

At all about Donald Trump's hair

But he had someone tug

To confirm  it's no rug

Though what's under is full of hot air.

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  • I'm surprised that it wasn't a wolverine or badger that would bite her, thus confirming what we all knew about Trump.

  • Henceforth it's "Remember the Mane".

  • Interesting article on the 'powers that be' trying to take down Trump.

  • As new emails arise showing Abenin Weiner working the Clinton Foundation slush fund on U.S. State Dept. time, 'King of the Tax Code' Donald Trump promises to raise taxes on the scofflaw hedge fund mangers funding Hillary's campaign and lower taxes for the middle class....whoo hoo!

  • I wonder if today's Shoe is based on anyone in particular.

  • In reply to jack:

    Belfry? What a perfect name for him.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Formal name is "Senator Batson Belfry."
    Just as Shoe is "Purple Martin Shoemaker." Takes going really back to Jeff MacNelly to remember those two.

  • No worries gentlemen, I'm sure cooler heads will prevail. Soon American's will grow tired. They'll once again seek the solace that we must live in 'the best of all possible worlds.'

  • In reply to 4zen:

    Just another pundit. Newt made a fool of himself on This Week With the Clinton Operative.

    What shows where this campaign is going is Scott Walker being goaded into maybe supporting a wall between New Hampshire and Canada. The Canadians should demand a wall along the St. Lawrence River because maybe the 2 escapees were heading in that direction from the Clinton correctional facility (maybe, like most things in New York, named after De Witt).

    Anyway, for those who believe in polls a half year before an election, Ben Carson is quickly closing the gap. Probably preferable to have a candidate of whom nobody has heard. Also, I wonder who picks up caller ID indicating a pollster. I don't.

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