Random thoughts on the silly Republican debates

Instead of pledging not to run on a Third Party ticket, they should have  pledged not to run over  the Third Rail of American politics, Social Security.

Some pundits think Carly Fiorina was one of the winners Thursday. What a puss on her!  She'd hold  her  own in a staredown with Vladimir Putin, ya think?    Cinderella's step-mother  has nothing on her.

The consensus is  it's an understatement that Senator Lindsey Graham didn't advance his candidacy.   Never has a warmonger sounded so  unintimidating.  Barney Fife comes to mind.

Chris Christie couldn't resist getting into a scrum with Rand Paul.   As far as what it was about, search me.   Later I'm sure they exchanged tweets. #hugs and kisses

Rick Santorum mentioned his seven children.  With 8 he would have at least gotten eggrolls.

Marco Rubio seemed very much at ease.  But I still had the feeling that most of what he said was watered down.

Governor John Kasich did impress me.  He did talk about the responsibility of helping the poor.  It's what he read in the Bible.   He might have added he didn't read it in the Republican platform of 2012.

Former Governor Rick Perry of Texas, didn't have a brain cramp. Which may have helped him in the polls.  Of course, just the fact that he had zipped his pants may have helped  him.

Ben Carson was the only one in the debates who has separated Siamese twins.  Try that one on for Thais.

Image result for picture of donald trump calling frank luntz a slob

The biggest loser may have been pollster Frank Luntz whom Donald Trump called a "clown" and a "fat slob"  for Luntz's allegedly dishonest survey,  taken just after the debates,  that showed Trump slipping in popularity. Luntz is  the genius credited with inventing that Republican messaging top hit, "Death Tax".   Once in a while Trump does get it right.  Totally.





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  • In reply to 4zen:

    P.J. O'Rourke of course hates Democrats. That's how he sells books to his right-wing audience, the same group that buys into whatever Ann Coulter venomizes.

    The fact is Democrats love people, the people Lincoln talked about when he said God must love ordinary people because he made so many of them. If it weren't for Democrats---and a few liberal Republicans too---there wouldn't be any social safety net at all in our country. No Social Security, no Medicare, no Medicaid, no Workmen's Compensation laws, no collective bargaining, no child labor laws, no environmental protection laws, no health and safety laws, at least with any teeth. And on and on and on.

    The Republicans, for the most part, opposed them all. And still do.

    P.J. O' Rourke should read Matthew 25.

  • As I said on Your Doubting Thomas, the winners were those without cable or satellite TV.

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