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About this subject, science and religion are on the same page

  “Countless studies have found that generosity, both volunteering and charitable donations, benefits young and old physically and psychologically. The benefits of giving are significant, according to studies: lower blood pressure, lower risk of dementia, less anxiety and depression, reduced cardiovascular risk and overall greater happiness.” [Terri Yablonsky, from “A giving nature improves health” in... Read more »

Caught in the Internet: The spurious war on Hillary

  The Republicans want to unnerve her With attacks of unusual fervor. But it wasn’t a crime What she did at the time When she privately used her own server.

The Cubs officiate at the Sox obsequies [sob to say]

  If you are , like I am, a fan of the Sox, It’s clear, belly-up, they are now on the rocks. What’s worse who dispatched them, Absolutely outmatched them, The Cubs have, in no time,  been cleaning their clocks.  

What if I wrote my own obitiuary? Thanks, Ed Nickow, for the suggestion

  All good and noble things I’d say When writing my obituary And  I would  end it in this way. “Of course, remember ‘Here lies Jerry'”

Will Trump consider her as his Veep?

  His running mate Trump says could be A woman. Fortuitously, Wouldn’t it be gnarly, If he would pick Carly, Who’s fired more people than he?    

At Fox News, Trump is back in the saddle. Will Megyn Kelly get on board?

  Fox News and the Donald have buried the hatchet Which Kelly will find in her back when  she’ll scratch it.  

What my dad thought of the Cubs

My late dad was a rabid fan Of the  Southside Pale Hose. So when my baseball love began The Sox of course I chose. The Northside  team my dad deplored, A stronger word he used. But if I said that word, the Lord, Would hardly  be amused. Rest in peace!

Ben Carson: Sixteen degrees of separate but equal?

  Siamese twins  he has taken apart So Dr. Ben Carson did quip; But not even he can   perform the same art When  joined to sixteen at the hip.

Random thoughts on the silly Republican debates

Instead of pledging not to run on a Third Party ticket, they should have  pledged not to run over  the Third Rail of American politics, Social Security. Some pundits think Carly Fiorina was one of the winners Thursday. What a puss on her!  She’d hold  her  own in a staredown with Vladimir Putin, ya think? ... Read more »

God is not a Republican

  The  GOP candidates think they’ll  prod Their  poll numbers higher to get the nod By appealing to folk Each time they  invoke, As head of their party,  Almighty God.