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A song for Mother's Day

    Let us not forget our Moms Their gentle hands, their tender calms. Their strength, their unconditioned love, Their wisdom when to give a shove. Among the hours of our days, Set time aside to give them praise.  

Onion Transformers?

  News item Researchers say onion skin can make more realistic robotic muscles. When cutting  an onion you may  cry a lot Before you surrender it into  a pot. But its yang has a yin For they find onion skin Will produce  better lats  for a bot.          

Bernie Sanders: a voice for liberty, equality, and brotherhood

  The GOP’s under direction Of a super rich far-right collection That fears Bernie Sanders ‘Cause he’s not one who panders To the oligarchs who buy elections.  

Pilling the cat: A fable in verse

  Author’s note: Written after reading Steve Dale’s “Pilling cats? It’s possible”. You can give medicine to a cat In the form of a shot where he’s fat But it’s more humane still To insert the right  pill If your cat would be open to that.    

A plague on Matt Lauer

  I’m not a fan of Matt Lauer.  I watch him on the Today Show in the interests of marital harmony. Out of habit, or loyalty (or is it some sort of pop culture neurosis?),  she likes to have it on while we emerge from the cocoon of sleep and take off with the day.... Read more »