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Last night Cub fans were disappointed in the line-up (at the washrooms)

“Due to renovations at the ballpark, lines to the bathrooms during Sunday night’s opener were extremely long, which led some fans to relieve themselves by using empty beer cups instead of waiting for a urinal.” [New York Daily News]   At Wrigley last night was a wait When  nature called  to urinate. Some didn’t get... Read more »

Don't listen to Netanyahu. Listen to Pope Francis

    Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu is opposed to negotiating with Iran.  Pope Francis is not.  Who is right? That depends on what you want.  War or diplomacy? What has war done for the Middle East? Chaos. Destruction. Suffering and death. Millions of displaced people.  Despair and extremism. War has been tried.  And  has... Read more »

Easter: Living in a high rise

  Dead to the world, the Good Lord stayed For three days in a tomb. He then decided to upgrade And got a better room.

Louie Gohmert: The goofiest person in Congress

  ”I don’t think we ought to put Israel in position of having to save both themselves and the United States. I think it’s time to bomb Iran — anything that resembles a nuclear facility.” [Louie Gohmert, quoted on]   Says Congressman Gohmert of Texas, it’s time To bomb nuclear plants in Iranian clime.... Read more »

Talking Back to the Sports Section

  I’m a discriminating, though cursory,  reader of the sports pages. Specifically, those  under the auspices of the Chicago Tribune. Maybe you are too. I reflect as a read.  Reflect in the way a sounding board does.  My reactions are swift and visceral. Today the front page feature story is “Is the African-American coach becoming... Read more »

Mike Pence is doubling down on the RFRA.

    Taken at his word,  Governor Pence Has befriended gay ladies and gents. “Our law was designed With no bias in mind. The  problem is  ambivalence.”