"Cos" Celebre


I've been meaning to write about Bill Cosby.  But I've been struggling on what to say.

I've always tried to give the benefit of the doubt.  By temperament, I'm reluctant to jump to conclusions.

Allegations are allegations.  But...

There are so many of them. And will more women emerge with more of the same accusations? Or even worse?

It seems this barrage of "J'accuse" was touched off by a stand-up comic who called Bill Cosby a 'rapist'. Then the social media carried it, and the proverbial you know what hit the fan.

Allegations are allegations.  But...

A few years ago Cosby settled out of court when sued by other alleged victims of rape.  And now in self-defense, he's using the gag rule.

It is sad. Pitifully sad.  But...

To ask why these women are coming out now is no defense.   To have your lawyer call their stories 'ridiculous' is no defense.

In the meantime, Bill Cosby stands in the dock of public opinion.  Which often is a precarious place to decide the merits of a criminal matter.

I must admit at this point that though I have never been his biggest fan, in the same breath I can honestly  say I have never had a bad word to say of him.

I wish these sordid accusations were not true.




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  • Thank you for one of the few reasonable articles I've read about this mess.

  • Allegations are allegations and lead to copycats.

    However, when evidence started coming out last week, including someone getting pictures in the bedroom with Cos in his pajamas, and an assistant describing the usual casting couch scenario, something seems to have gone on. And it doesn't sound like every teenybopper throwing herself at David Cassidy.

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