The ! And Nothing But the !


If something's strange or out of joint

Append the !

Or say  you're frightened in the dark,

How apt the !

For passion, panic , provocation,

!'s  the punctuation.

One at a time is how to use it.

Redundancy might  just abuse it.

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  • "Redundancy might just abuse it."

    How about the Spanish practice of putting an upside down one in front of the sentence? ¿Qué? {let's see if the symbol carries through.}

    And speaking of abusing !, how about any comic? I think I'll read those and go vote.

  • I counted the !'s in the Trib comics this morning. There were 19, including the one in Jumble; three had double !'s.

    Considering there are 21 different comics, that is fewer than one a comic..

    Hagar the Horrible had 5 alone; one after each sentence. Typical Vikings.

    My favorite ! today? Lucy's "I know everything!"

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    That seems more typical of the old time comics than the newer ones.

    I remember going through the comic section, then see one instance, go back, and then say Damn! there is sure a whole mess of them! Again it is one of the things you don't notice until you do, and then you really do.

    Of course, talking old time, there is Byrne in the right pane.

  • Thank you, AW and Jack for making your points so well. I always enjoy your posts and comments!

  • Thank you, my friend. Really!

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